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Cheryl Robbins, born and raised in Southern California, came to Taiwan nearly 30 years ago. Cheryl quickly fell in love with Taiwan, the Taiwanese people, Taiwan’s incredible landscapes, its culture and history, and has lived here ever since. She is highly proficient in Mandarin Chinese, and is one of only a handful of native English speakers licensed by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to serve as a professional tour guide.

Cheryl’s M.A. is in Cultural Management from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, England. In addition to developing specialty tour itineraries for individuals and travel agencies, Cheryl is CEO of Tribe-Asia Company (which is devoted to the promotion and marketing of Taiwan's indigenous cultural products and sustainable indigenous area tourism). Moreover, she has worked as an ecotourism consultant for the Alliance Cultural Foundation and has authored 4 books about Taiwan, including a series of 3 specialty travel guides entitled "A Foreigner's Travel Guide to Taiwan's Indigenous Areas.”

With Cheryl’s experience comes unique and special access to local cultures and areas in Taiwan that are often inaccessible to other tours. She loves, and is excited to share, hidden gems that only people on our tour will experience, giving you an insider's look into the local culture and the beauty of Taiwan.

Cheryl is a frequent contributor to magazines, newspapers and websites about Taiwan; her publications include: Travel in Taiwan (official magazine of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau), TAIPEI Quarterly, Taiwan News, China Post, CNA Newsworld, Taichung City Government website, Travel Alliance website and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area website.

Cheryl’s nearly 30 years of living in Taiwan, her proficiency in both English and Chinese, her degree in Cultural Management, her expertise and experience working with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, cultural foundations, and others, as well as her constant travels and exploration in Taiwan, have made her the go-to-choice for leading tours for VIPs visiting Taiwan; these VIPs include Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Asia executives, American Institute in Taiwan Director, the Netherlands Representative to Taiwan, the Solomon Islands' Ambassador to Taiwan, the Palau Ambassador to Taiwan, a Vancouver City councilman, the Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for US EPA’s Office of International and Tribal Affairs (OITA) as well as other OITA officials, YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) members group (YPO is the world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders) and even Steve Vai, American guitarist extraordinaire.

Cheryl Robbins is one of the most sought after tour guides in Taiwan, today.